Our Menu


Tomyam Seafood
RM 8

Hot and sour soup originated from Thailand cooked with shrimp , squid, fish fillet and assorted vegetables.

Sup Tulang
RM 9

Traditional Malay soup of bone broth. Served with bun & butter.

Soup Of The Day
RM 7

Daily Chef Creation

RM 9

Mushroom broth mixed with basic roux thinned with cream. Served with bun & butter.


Chef Salad
RM 15

Simple and classic salad consisting of cheddar cheese, croutons, chicken slice, iceberg salad, cucumber, onion, tomato cherry, capsicum & black olive.

Gado-Gado With Peanut Sauce
RM 12

An Indonesian salad of slightly blanched assorted vegetable served with peanut sauce.

Mix Salad
RM 10

Mixture of iceberg salad, cucumber, onion, tomato cherry and black olive.

Choice of dressings : Thousand Island, Vinaigrette, Caesar Dressing.

Kerabu Mango
RM 10

Asian fusion of sweet, sour and spicy young mango strips in concoction of other

ingredient with a hint of Thai sauce.

Big & Little Bites

Homemade Burger
RM 18

Choice of : Beef or Chicken

Cinta Sayang Triple Decker
RM 15

Home specialties of wholemeal bread with 3 layers of filings inclusive of chicken, egg, cheddar cheese and lettuce.

Chicken Slice Cheese French Toast
RM 18

Stuffed French toast jam-packed with chicken slice, cheddar cheese slice, egg and chilli sauce.

RM 11

Juicy goodness of ground beef meat rolled into a small ball, mixed with

other ingredients & spices, served in creamy cheesy sauce.

Cucur Udang
RM 11

Crispy prawn fritter served with savoury peanut sauce.

Chicken Wings
RM 11

Crispy fried chicken wing served with Thai sauce.

Chicken Pop Corn
RM 11

Bite-sized pieces of chicken, breaded and fried to your satisfaction.

Assorted Sandwich 1/2 Dozen
RM 9

Variety of sandwiches, fresh from kitchen to satisfy your needs

Assorted Sandwich 1 Dozen
RM 15

Variety of sandwiches, fresh from kitchen to satisfy your needs

Potato Wedges
RM 7

A lovely morsel of potato seasoned with spices, fried to achieve a crisp crust and tender

middle with slightly salty and earthy overtones

Toasted Bread
RM 7

Warm and crispy toasted bread, slathered with a nice layer of aromatic kaya jam & butter.

French Fries
RM 7

Famous side dishes of fried thin sliced season potatoes. Served with Thousand Island and Mayonnaise.


Bolognese Chicken / Beef
RM 26

Pasta tangled with a beautifully rich and smooth meat and tomato sauce. Choice of Spaghetti, Penne, Fettucini

RM 26

Italian pasta dish from Rome. Choice of Spaghetti, Penne, Fettucini

Cream Of Fungi
RM 18

Combination of Italian American pasta recipe. Choice of Spaghetti, Penne, Fettucini

Aglio Olio
RM 18

Pasta dish that came from Naples. Choice of Spaghetti, Penne, Fettucini

Land & Sea

Grilled Sirloin Steak
RM 36

Delectable chef’s recipe steak.

Doneness : Rare, Medium-Rare, Medium, Medium-Well, Well Done

Choice of Sauteed Potato or Jacket Potato or Corn on Cob

Choice of Sauce : Black Pepper, Mushroom, Garlic, Brown Sauce

Roasted Lamb Shoulder
RM 36

Slow roasted lamb shoulder to perfection served with sautéed potato and green salad.

Choice of Sauce : Rosemary, Black Pepper, Mango Chutney, Mint Sauce

English Fish and Chips
RM 26

Originated from United Kingdom, the deep fried battered fish is served with potato chips and tartar sauce.

Grilled Seabass
RM 26

Grilled to perfection, the sea bass is served with blanched vegetables.